Founded in 1985 Jumbo Brands initially manufactured ice popsicles under the name Jolly Jumbo. Today, Jumbo Brands manufactures and distributes several products, with clients that include Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, SPAR, Makro, Shield, Sentrakoop, Choppies and independent SA wholesalers and retailers.

The company is built on a foundation of passion and inspired quality, which is why it has grown significantly over the years to incorporate a range of products to suit any and every consumer’s desire with regards to taste.

At the company’s inception, The Little Elephant became part of several children’s parties and has grown into a symbol of love for South African families – a fact that Jumbo Brands is extremely proud of. They continued to gain momentum, grow and diversify, resulting in the manufacturing of Fruit Drinks; Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Crisps, Cordials, Mmmm shakes, Lemon Juice, Vinegar and a separate department for Contract Packing and Housebrands.

Jumbo Brands is proud of their vast strong brands that includes Boston; Cafè Enrista; Fiestas and Jolly Jumbo. These products are manufactured to the highest quality to simply make life taste better. But be warned: their products may become very addictive indeed!

In addition, Jumbo Brands is known for their excellent contract packing and supply many of the retail groups with house brands.

When walking down the isle of a retail shop and deciding on a type of product (especially when there are several on offer), consumers of Jumbo Brands don’t have to ever feel confused or spend time selecting a product – once you become a Jumbo Consumer you become a loyal supporter for life. The reason? Simple – Jumbo Brands are simply irresistible!