Café Enrista

Enjoy a selection of coffee offerings, aromatic Arabica cappuccinos, the finest cocoa in our hot chocolate or our soothing and spicy teas, in an instant. Just add hot water and you can enjoy a perfect cup anywhere, anytime. Whether you are at home and need a cuppa, taking a quick break at the office, on […]

Coffee & Tea Creamer

    A good quality creamer that easily dilutes. Boston Coffee and tea creamer adds creamy flavor to your coffee and tea or in any dish.

Boston Coffee Café 3in1 coffee

The Boston Coffee Café is the ultimate, super convenient Coffee Sachet – just add boiling water! No fuss, no stress for all coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs.   Available in three different flavors to suite every coffee lover: *Regular *Strong *Rich & Creamy   Every packet is fillet with 20 easy tear sachets for everyday […]

Boston Mmmm Shake

Keep calm and drink your Mmmm….Shake! A delectable milky drink available in 3 popular flavours; Chocolate, Creme Soda and Strawberry. Just add 2 heaped teaspoons of powder to a glass of milk (250ml). Stir well and enjoy! Boston Mmmm….Shake Chocolate Boston Mmmm….Shake Creme Soda Boston Mmmm….Shake Strawberry   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: email […]

Boston Cappuccino

Boston Instant Cappuccino is a speciality drink that you can enjoy at any time. Take a sachet to work and treat yourself (or a friend) on a cold day. Just add hot water and sugar to taste. Adding milk to your cappuccino will make it even creamier. Available in sticks and jars Boston Cappuccino Original […]

Fruity Treat Popsicles

A real fruit ice pop manufactured from fruit juice concentrate. This is a perishable product and must be kept frozen or refrigerated. If frozen, it has a shelf life of 4 months. Fruity Treat Popsicles Fruity Treat Popsicles Orange Fruity Treat Popsicles Guava Fruity Treat Popsicles Fruit Punch   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: […]

Jolly Jumbo Icepops

Tasty Ice Suckers available in various flavours: Creme Soda, Orange, Pineapple and Strawberry. It offers various sizes for different age groups of children and is an ideal product in hot climates. If unfrozen, it has a shelflife of 6 months. Vitamin-C enriched and Tartrazine-free. Jolly Jumbo Popsicles Jolly Jumbo Value Pack Ice pops Jolly Longs […]

Boston Spirit Vinegar

A range of white and brown vinegars. 5% Strength. Boston Squeezie Vinegar White 500ml Boston Vinegar White 750ml Boston Vinegar White 2 litre Boston Vinegar White 5 litre Boston Squeezie Vinegar Brown 500ml Boston Vinegar Brown 750ml Boston Vinegar Brown 2 litre Boston Vinegar Brown 5 litre   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: email […]

Boston Lemon Juice

A pure Lemon Juice made from the finest lemons. Ideal for use in baking, fish dishes, salads, lemon tea and desserts. 250 ml 500ml 750ml 2 litre   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: email us here


A corn based Tortilla Crisp in four mouth-watering variants. A favourite indulgent all time snack. Fiestas can also be transformed into your favourite NACHOS dish or just enjoyed with dip. Fiestas Tortillas Chips Sweet Chilli Fiestas Tortillas Sea Salt & Black Pepper Fiestas Tortillas Nachos Cheese Fiestas Tortillas Tomato Salsa   Download product catalogue here […]

Boston Squash

This delicious squash has a 6% fruit juice concentrate when diluted. A great household cool drink for the whole family. Boston Orange Squash, Boston Berry & Apple Squash Boston Passion Fruit & Orange Squash   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: email us here  

Boston Hot Chocolate

“I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like” Our Hot Chocolate range is one of our most popular products and a big family favourite as a winter drink. Try out the ‘Red Velvet and ‘Mint’ flavour. Available in sticks: Original Available in jars: Original, Red Velvet and Mint   Download product catalogue here Retail enquiries: […]