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An irresistable treat for everyone

Our Fiestas are full of flavour & made with real corn.
Liven up your meals with our 4 varieties of authentic corn tortillas.

High quality ingredients, South African made

Our beloved family recipes and proprietary processes use only the best ingredients to produce our Mexican food products. Our authentic tortilla chips give you a light, easy snacking experience with an optimal balance of flavour in every bite – Authentic meals depend on authentic ingredients.

Crunchy Innovation

A fiesta is a celebration or a party, and that’s where it all starts. Food has a way of unifying people, overcoming barriers, and creating the opportunity to develop relationships.

Our products are more than just food—they’re a gateway to feeding the soul. Enjoy each of these deliciously styled chips for all your salsa or dipping occasions!

Choose Your Crunch

Nacho Cheese
Salt & Black Pepper
Sweet Chilli

Outrageously  Good Tortilla Chips

 The next time you’re looking to liven up a party spread, impress your in-laws, or just revel in a light, crispy, crunchy, euphoria, we’ve got you covered.

Crisp, crunchy, and flavorful tortilla chips