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Cool off with these refreshing summer favourites

Kids love them, adults love them- from mouth watering lollies to delicious juice concentrates, we have it all.

Our Tasty Jolly Jumbo Ice Sucker Range

We deliver happiness one Jolly Jumbo bite at a time.

Jumbo brands was started in 1985 in Durban as Jolly Jumbo initially, with the aim of offering the childrens’ market something exciting, and we feel we have a continue to do just that.

Keep your cool an have fun with our fun range of ice suckers. Available in various flavours: Creme Soda, Orange, Pineapple and Strawberry and a variety of pack sizes to suit your freezer size. Kids (and schools) across South Africa have been enjoying Jolly Jumbo’s for over 30 years.

Enjoy the simple things this summer.

Share a cool drink with our concentrates from Majuba

Easy to make kid-friendly juice concentrates

Prepare all flavors using seven parts water and one part juice concentrate. You don’t need to refrigerate the concentrate before or after opening it.Kids love Majuba juice concentrates because it’s available in various exciting flavors and colors.

Our Fruity Treat Favourites

The best way to experince a hot sunny day, with flavours for the whole family.

Get ready to dive into playful deliciousness. Pop a bag in your freezer and enjoy them all throughout the summer. We create mouth watering combinations to tantalize your taste buds – from guava, orange and to fruit punch.

Whether you’re at a music festival, on the beach, or chillin’ with family & friends, Fruity Treats serve up good vibes year-round and add a little “character” to your day. We have a wide range of Fruity Treat ice pops to choose from.