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No fuss, no stress just simple easy Boston snacks

We are constantly evolving

Boston has become a Household name for most families. Our portfolio covers instant powders, hot chocolate, milkshakes; cordials and juices, condiments-vinegar, and lemon juice and more – helping people care for themselves and their families. Our portfolio is always evolving to meet consumer demands. Our long-term strategy is centred around respect for the future. We shape our portfolio with products that are right for consumers and set goals that contribute to a healthier environment.

The everyday delcious
Boston range

We have various products for all your everyday needs.


A pure Lemon Juice made from the finest lemons. Ideal for use in baking, fish dishes, salads, lemon tea and desserts. 250 ml | 500ml | 750ml | 2 litre


A range of white and brown vinegars. 5% Strength.
White Vinegar: Squeezie 500ml | 750ml | 2 litre | 5 litre. Brown Vinegar: Squeezie 500ml | 750ml | 2 litre | 5 litre


The Lime and Passion Fruit cordials are often used for mixing cocktails. Our Kola Tonic cordial is equivalent to the market leader. *Kola Tonic | *Passion Fruit | *Boston Cordial Lime


This delicious squash has a 6% fruit juice concentrate when diluted. A great household cool drink for the whole family. *Orange Squash | *Berry & Apple Squash | *Passion Fruit & Orange Squash


A delectable milky drink available in 3 popular flavours; Chocolate, Creme Soda and Strawberry. Just add 2 heaped teaspoons of powder to a glass of milk (250ml). Stir well and enjoy!


Our Hot Chocolate range is one of our most popular products and a big family favourite. Try out the ‘Red Velvet and ‘Mint’ flavour.


Boston Instant Cappuccino is a speciality drink that you can enjoy at any time. Take a sachet to work and treat yourself (or a friend) on a cold day. Just add hot water and sugar to taste. 

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